Pokémon The Creator’s Catch: A Journey Through Johto

At the time of its release, Pokémon was taking the world by storm. The highly successful launch of the Generation One games, the television show, films, trading card game and more had fans wanting more. It truly was a worldwide phenomenon. Who knew that as the 90s came to an end, that players would be … Continue reading Pokémon The Creator’s Catch: A Journey Through Johto

Let’s Rewind: November

I'll be honest, I've kind of had the blog sat on the sidelines this past month. While I've still been posting, I've been working on somethings behind the scenes as well as starting to plan some of the things I want to work on in the New Year. I've also been taking it easy as … Continue reading Let’s Rewind: November

Showing A Little Appreciation

The theme for Blaugust this week is all about Developer Appreciation. It took me a little while to finally settle on which developer I wanted to write about but in all honesty, I was probably looking into it more than I actually needed to. Eventually, I settled on the Japanese developer Game Freak. They are … Continue reading Showing A Little Appreciation