E3 2021: Expectations and Speculation

With E3 2021 just around the corner, well it's a matter of days in fact now. I've been thinking a little about what I'd hope to see revealed/announced at the event this year. There has already been plenty of speculation online as to what many people would like to see and as always there's been … Continue reading E3 2021: Expectations and Speculation

Console Review: Nintendo Switch Lite & Accessories

A couple of months ago, my partner and I decided to take the plunge and pick up a Nintendo Switch Lite. This is something we had been thinking about doing for a few months prior to purchasing it as he had become more interested in a number of Nintendo games. Initially we were torn between … Continue reading Console Review: Nintendo Switch Lite & Accessories

Pokémon The Creator’s Catch: A Journey Through Johto

At the time of its release, Pokémon was taking the world by storm. The highly successful launch of the Generation One games, the television show, films, trading card game and more had fans wanting more. It truly was a worldwide phenomenon. Who knew that as the 90s came to an end, that players would be … Continue reading Pokémon The Creator’s Catch: A Journey Through Johto

Latest Additions: Nintendo 3DS Edition

I've recently decided to show the Nintendo 3DS a bit of love in picking up a few new games to take a look at. This all came about from some late-night browsing for a few homeware things on Argos and naturally, I started looking through various video game-related searches. Out of curiosity, I had searched … Continue reading Latest Additions: Nintendo 3DS Edition

My Favourite E3 Week Reveals

This week would have E3 week. The week where we see many new game reveals, updates on upcoming games and of course more information about Sony and Microsoft's next generation of consoles. Of course, with the current global situation, E3 was cancelled. However, all was not lost. Many of the video game studios have opted … Continue reading My Favourite E3 Week Reveals