A Quick Catch Up

I guess you could say, this past week has been a bit of a reset week. I've spent time getting some long-overdue tasks completed as well as, basically, catching up on life. While it has been nice taking the time to focus on other things, the week didn't go entirely to plan due to some … Continue reading A Quick Catch Up

Let’s Talk: Video Games & Mental Health

This is a little bit of a different Let's Talk blog post and I've been debating about posting this for a while now. This post has been sat in my drafts for months in various different formats, it has been rewritten countless times, and is probably the most personal post I've written to date on … Continue reading Let’s Talk: Video Games & Mental Health

Let’s Talk: Xbox Series X

Originally I wasn't planning on writing a post this week but with the recent news about the Xbox Series X, I decided I wanted to talk about a few thoughts about it. While PlayStation is still to make their announcement, it is only a matter of time before we find out their release date and … Continue reading Let’s Talk: Xbox Series X

Let’s Talk: PlayStation 5 Livestream

Yesterday's PlayStation 5 live stream for me was amazing. In the past, I never really paid much attention to Playstation live streams or press conferences as I've always felt somewhat behind in the world of PlayStation for some reason. I'm not too sure why I've just always felt this way a little bit. With the … Continue reading Let’s Talk: PlayStation 5 Livestream