My Month In Gaming: March

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

I saw so much hype about Ni No Kuni II: The Revenant Kingdom and there was something about it that just captured my attention straight away. After a bit of researching about the game, series and watching a Youtube playthrough of the first game I knew I had to get it. I can honestly say I am so glad that I did. Everything about the game from what I have played so far I’ve loved. I posted a separate blog post about my First Look at the game earlier this week which you can check out here and see what I think of the game so far!

Sea of Thieves

Where do I start with Sea of Thieves? Well within the first five minutes of playing the game I had lost my poor little ship and was having to find my way off the island another way to start my pirate adventure. That aside though I really haven’t played much of Sea of Thieves yet. A lot of my friends had to wait until the end of March to purchase the game and our plan is to set up a group of us to set sail on our adventures sometime next week. Currently, I have some mixed feelings about the game but that is purely down to the fact that I haven’t played the game much and also have only played on a solo voyage. I can see that Sea of Thieves has great potential and hope to see more content added over the coming months.

Pokkén Tournament DX

Pokkén Tournament DX was a bit of an accidental purchase. I ended up with a second copy of Ni No Kuni II in an order mix up and as I had paid for two copies I decided to trade in the extra copy at my local GAME store. After some deliberation, I decided to use the money I gained from the trade in against Pokkén Tournament DX for the Nintendo Switch. I had briefly played the Wii U version of Pokken Tournament but never really played it that much. From the few hours that I have played of the Switch edition it did come across a little overwhelming in the tutorial but once you get past that and into the game itself what you have learnt comes second nature almost. There’s still a lot I need to learn and also I need to remember not to just hope for the best when button mashing. Overall though it’s great fun and I’m happy to have added it to my Switch game collection.

Mobile Games

The Sims Mobile is what you would expect it would be really. You have your Sim and then you can control what actions and tasks you do with them. Certain tasks contribute towards aspects of career, relationship and hobby and help you unlock more Build/Buy mode objects and Create A Sim Objects. There are also Daily Quests that allow you to earn different things like coins, fashion gems and Sim tickets.

The game overall is nice little game to pass time and you can set your Sim to do a task and leave them to it.  You can send your Sim to your friend’s party and help level that up as well or even host your own party at your Sim’s home too.

Board Kings is a cute and adorable little online multiplayer game that you can compete against your friends and family in. The aim ultimately is to build the best board for you Bunnies. Watch out though as anyone could come along and steal/destroy your buildings and even take your coins!

I only very recently downloaded this game on my phone due to a lot of my friends at work talking about it and pressured me into getting it. It is a great little game to pass five or ten minutes too. The game definitely has caused a little bit of everyone’s competitive side to come out in a fun way.

In true monthly tradition here’s the games that I am currently trying to complete. Although I haven’t made and progress in any of them this month due to new releases so for this installment the games will stay the same. I promise I will complete them one day!

The games that I am currently trying to complete are:

PlayStation 4 – Horizon Zero Dawn

Xbox One – Assassins Creed Origins

Nintendo Switch – Super Mario Odyssey

In just under two weeks I am off to EGX Rezzed up in London which I am really looking forward and will of course have some new blog posts about my time at the event. There is also the upcoming Overwatch event that starts on the 10th April which I enjoyed a lot last year.  There are also a few games releases that I am also looking forward to and also there’s news about RTX London coming in just a few days as well!

4 thoughts on “My Month In Gaming: March

  1. I’ve also only played Sea of Thieves a little and mostly alone. It looks great and should be really fun with a crew. Hoping to try that out soon. Have a great time at Rezzed in a couple of weeks.


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