Review: Tell Me Why [Chapter Two]

After sharing the first part of my Tell Me Why review last month I was gearing up to share the next part. While I've been looking forward to sharing part two, I still feel very nervous posting it as it isn't my normal style of writing. However, despite the countless drafts and edits made over … Continue reading Review: Tell Me Why [Chapter Two]

My Favourite Animal Crossing YouTubers

In my last blog post, I talked a little bit about the Animal Crossing community and one of the aspects I mentioned was the community over on YouTube. I was initially was looking for some information about one of the in game events and pretty much ended up going down the rabbit hole for a … Continue reading My Favourite Animal Crossing YouTubers

The Animal Crossing Diaries: A Moment to Reflect

This time last year, many of us were diving into Animal Crossing New Horizons for the very first time. I remember spending the few days before the games release thinking about how I wanted my island to look as well as some of the Villagers I was hoping to invite. Of course, I didn't realize … Continue reading The Animal Crossing Diaries: A Moment to Reflect